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Beyond Your Imagination with Chris Martin is a semimonthly podcast by Chris Martin Studios featuring in-depth conversations with dreamers and doers about the 21st-century world of independent film.

The Latest Episodes!

“Flipping the Script” with Kanani Koster (BYI12)

How do you reclaim and redefine the stories and American iconography present in films? Kanani Koster is a filmmaker from Portland, Oregon, flipping the script and telling stories that explore race, power, and privilege with violence, gore, and brutality, without feeding collective trauma. From her early days in Seattle meeting amazing mentors to the community atmosphere and punk vibe of Portland, Oregon, Kanani brings her imagination to life by collaborating and ensuring that her team challenges and checks one another’s perceptions and ideas.

“The Life-Changing Impact of Film Festivals” with Dr. Rebekah Louisa Smith (BYI11)

With over 8,000 and counting film festivals worldwide, how will you make sure your film gets into the right festivals? Dr. Rebekah Louisa Smith is the founder of The Film Festival Doctor, a company that helps filmmakers create a focused film festival strategy, including planning, organization, logistics, and support. Suppose you are a filmmaker who hasn’t considered the life-changing impact of film festivals. Rebekah is adamant that you’ll discover community and new voices, not to mention the chance to polish your film’s vision.

About Chris Martin

Chris Martin

Never satisfied with just one label, Chris is a curiosity builder, filmmaker, podcaster, and storyteller. He is obsessed with courage, creativity, curiosity, and bands that can remember how to play songs over 25 minutes. He also loves stories filled to the brim with heart, edge, and fearlessness and conversations with authentic people making a difference. He believes questions are only as powerful as the willingness to listen to and wrestle with the answers.

For over four years, Chris has produced Getting Work To Work, a weekly podcast for creative entrepreneurs, storytellers, visionaries, and change-makers who are on a mission of chasing big ideas, telling epic stories, and leaving living legacies. New episodes are released twice each week including topical monologues on Wednesdays and interviews on Fridays.