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Beyond Your Imagination with Chris Martin is a semimonthly podcast by Chris Martin Studios featuring in-depth conversations with dreamers and doers about the 21st-century world of independent film.

The Latest Episodes!

“Building a Sound Career and a Meaningful Life” with Robb Mills (BYI08)

I’m always fascinated with stories of how people have built long-lasting and sustainable careers. But what happens when someone burns out doing something they love, decides to learn a new trade, and ends up not only rebuilding a career but creates a more meaningful life in the process? That is the story of Robb Mills, an independent audio contractor for over 20 years, working on films and video games as a sound designer and music composer. From the hustle and grind of his early days to resetting his life with yoga therapy, Robb candidly shares story after story of honing his craft around his love for sound and music while serving and sharing life with others.

“The Battle Against Time & Ego” with Benjamin Ironside Koppin (BYI07)

I met Benjamin Ironside Koppin in 2013 on the set of his indie horror feature, Made Me Do It, where I ruined a long handheld take by dropping the camera into my lap. Fortunately, he was cool about it, and we went on to collaborate on several other projects throughout the years. The philosophy of his production company, Ironside Films, is simple: tell the stories we want to tell in the way we want to do it. Partnering with his wife Kristin, they work together to bust through limitations and manage expectations to make one feature film a year.

About Chris Martin

Chris Martin

Never satisfied with just one label, Chris is a curiosity builder, filmmaker, podcaster, and storyteller. He is obsessed with courage, creativity, curiosity, and bands that can remember how to play songs over 25 minutes. He also loves stories filled to the brim with heart, edge, and fearlessness and conversations with authentic people making a difference. He believes questions are only as powerful as the willingness to listen to and wrestle with the answers.

For over four years, Chris has produced Getting Work To Work, a weekly podcast for creative entrepreneurs, storytellers, visionaries, and change-makers who are on a mission of chasing big ideas, telling epic stories, and leaving living legacies. New episodes are released twice each week including topical monologues on Wednesdays and interviews on Fridays.