Season 1

“All Hail! The Cinematic Experience” with Dan Wyatt & Richard Beer

Deep in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Washington, on Main Street, you’ll find the Kiggins Theatre, run by a small team of film lovers, including today’s guests, Dan Wyatt and Richard Beer. From storytelling and searching for meaning to the changing nature of audiences and the cinematic experience, our conversation weaves between a multitude of topics. There’s a lot here about the struggles and triumphs of running an independent theater in an industry owned by giant corporations. You’ll get a glimpse into community building and grassroots marketing at its finest. Not to mention a healthy list of films to watch after you listen to the show.

About Dan & Richard of Kiggins Theatre

Richard Beer, Dan Wyatt, and Chris Martin

Dan Wyatt is the owner of Kiggins Theater, an independent theater in Vancouver, WA. Richard Beer is the Director of Programming and Marketing. Along with a small team of film lovers, they program a mix of independent films, community-oriented shows, classic films, and live events. You can learn more about the extensive history of the theater on the Kiggins website.

Show Notes