Season 1

“Make Friends, Not Fans” with Taylor Morden

What does it take to build and connect with an audience in the digital age of independent film? Taylor Morden of Pop Motion Pictures discovered the answer in his early musician days: make friends, not fans. The transition from music to film was natural as the do-it-yourself punk rock work ethic made sense in the world of documentary film. Learn whatever you need to learn, do what you need to do, and always build your community. From his first documentary about the band, The Refreshments, to his films about ska music and the last Blockbuster Video store in Bend, Oregon, Taylor brings movies to life that matter to both him and his audience. On top of that, he makes sure to have a good time.

About Taylor Morden

Taylor Morden

From IMDb: “Taylor Morden is a director and producer, known for The Last Blockbuster (2020), Pick It Up! – Ska in the ’90s (2019) and Here’s to Life: The Story of The Refreshments (2017).”

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