Season 2

“Origin Stories” with Ryan Erlandsen

Welcome to a brand new season of Beyond Your Imagination, a podcast that celebrates the kick-ass DIY spirit of independent film. I’m Chris Martin and I love movies—watching them, making them, talking about them. In late 2021, I had just wrapped up 15 episodes of season 1 and had lost the vision for the future of the show. So, I hit the big ole pause button…

Fast forward two years in time. Just like making movies takes more time than you want, so do podcasts, and inspiration shows up when you least expect it. About a month ago, I was talking with a good friend about podcasting monster hunters as an idea for a film project. He wanted to know all about the tech and tools that podcasters use. I let him know all about my mobile setup including microphones, headphones, and a sound board. At the end of the conversation, I thought nothing of it, until the domain name was up for renewal. I wasn’t ready to let it go, so I decided to renew and then the idea hit me!

What if the format of future seasons of the show was built around a series of conversations with the same filmmaker diving into their influences, inspirations, and creative processes? I asked my podcast monster hunter friend if he would be interested in doing this and he said yes.

And now, here we are.

Ryan Erlandsen of Marble Mountain Films produces music videos, short films and features of the horror persuasion and is the special guest for season two. Over the next 10 episodes, we are going to explore micro-to-no-budget filmmaking in the Pacific Northwest. We’ll touch on the hot topics of the today and our shared love for symphonic metal and cheesy horror films. On top of that, each episode is recorded in Ryan’s cabin, which he built specifically for his horror projects. And no filter, so we keep our language conversational and full of colorful words and phrases.

So, welcome back, come on into the cabin and hear us talk about our filmmaking origin stories…it’s show time.