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A statement on their website is boldly simple yet deeply profound: “We only make Good things.” That’s Good With a capital G! The founders of Farsighted Creative, Maggie Hart and Brittany Zampella, are here to talk about what it means to not only create media that’s good but also put good into the world. They also share how their creative partnership’s power propelled them forward to create short films, write music, launch two podcasts, and work with ethically sourced clients. It’s refreshing to talk with two passionate professionals who are doing work that truly matters to themselves and the world.

About Farsighted Creative

Maggie and BrittanyFrom “Everywhere you look today you can find something wrong with the world. Pandemics. Racism. Climate change. Conflict. Divisiveness. The list goes on, and it’s depressing. Sometimes we don’t need any more reminders of what’s wrong with the world – we need a vision for what can be. ‘Good’ content highlights better ways to love another, take care of our planet, fight injustice, and recognize the dignity of every human being. Whether it’s films, music, podcasts, or commercial work, our content is the antidote for the wrongs we see in the world.”

Show Notes


Full transcript coming soon.