Season 1

Originally titled Beyond Your Imagination with Chris Martin, the first season of the podcast featured in-depth conversations with filmmakers, producers, animators, and movie lovers about the 21st-century world of independent film. Interviews were originally published in 2020–2021 and can be found below or on Spotify.


"Filmmaking for Life" with Beth Harrington and Kelley Baker (BYI01)

“Filmmaking for Life” with Beth Harrington and Kelley Baker

The question at the heart of this conversation was inspired by a moment of brutal truth on a recent job: How does filmmaking change as you get older? I reached out to two filmmakers I madly respect, Beth Harrington and the Angry Filmmaker, Kelley Baker. We had a fun and engaging conversation about the changing nature of filmmaking as you get older. With over 40 years each into their careers, both continually move forward into the future, telling stories that matter to them, building supportive communities, remaining fiercely independent, and realizing that they are in this pursuit for life.

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"For a Force Bigger Than Myself" with Erica Taylor Davis (BYI02)

“For a Force Bigger Than Myself” with Erica Taylor Davis

What do you do when you are going through a health crisis, and you are a filmmaker? You turn the experience into a film. When Erica Taylor Davis was diagnosed with uterine fibroids, a medical condition that 80% of African American women and 75% of Caucasian women suffer from, she saw a much larger story unfolding. In the midst of her own pain and struggle, she courageously pushed through to objectively tell her story, and the stories of countless women with the impact fibroids and endometriosis have had on their lives in a documentary called Red Alert: The Fight Against Fibroids. If you are currently struggling with gripping self-doubt as you tell your own story, I hope you find a glimmer of hope and encouragement in Erica’s story of courage, patience, and perseverance.

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"The Foundations of Funny, Film, and Fart Jokes" with gough (BYI03)

“The Foundations of Funny, Film, and Fart Jokes” with gough

How driven are you to create the work you see in your mind’s eye? Will you produce more excuses than scripts and films? Or push through adversity and rejection, doing whatever it takes? From the Gold Coast of Australia, today’s guest goes by the name of gough and is the director of Beernuts Productions, “a prolific producer of film, television, audio downloads, books and other forms of creative media.” And he happens to be legally blind.

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"In Service to the Story" with J. Blake Fichera (BYI04)

“In Service to the Story” with J. Blake Fichera

In this conversation with J. Blake Fichera, author of the Scored to Death books and host of the companion podcast, we explore his love for music and how it relates to the work he does as a film editor, podcaster, and blues musician. We talk in-depth about music as a language, the importance of rhythm and structure, and his work as a development editor for reality shows. He also shares about the growth he experienced writing his latest book, Scored to Death 2: More Conversations with Some of Horror’s Greatest Composers.

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"Speak Up and Step Into Your Voice" with Jhanvi Motla (BYI05)

“Speak Up and Step Into Your Voice” with Jhanvi Motla

How do you learn to speak up and step into the power of your voice? For filmmaker Jhanvi Motla, it started with a physical journey from Mumbai, India, to the United States to study filmmaking and bring stories to life that matter to her. In this engaging conversation, Jhanvi shares story after story about how she had to become resilient and disciplined to be independent while also learning to accept other people’s support. Throughout the conversation, the weight of family and culture is present as she steps into her voice to tell the story of herself, her mother, and the unacknowledged heroes of the home in her upcoming documentary feature, Household Heroes.

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