Season 2

Weekly episodes coming to Spotify on October 31st, 2023!

Beyond Your Imagination is a podcast that celebrates the kick-ass do-it-yourself spirit of independent film and those who tell stories beyond their imagination. Season 2 begins on October 31st, 2023, featuring special guest Ryan Erlandsen of Marble Mountain Films. In each episode, we will unpack an area of Ryan’s approach to filmmaking, from his origin story as a filmmaker and why he loves making horror films to collaboration, creative financing, and how he manages multiple projects. We will record each conversation on location in the cabin he built in his backyard, specifically for his horror projects. In the meantime, check out the podcast’s first season, which features conversations with independent filmmakers, composers, film lovers, animators, and sound designers.

About Ryan Erlandsen

Ryan Erlandsen of Marble Mountain Films is a filmmaker and photographer producing independent horror films and music videos in his backyard and around the Pacific Northwest. I constantly marvel at Ryan’s ability to imagine what a set could be and then actually build it. He first constructed a cabin in his backyard. Over time, he added different rooms to his patio, a shed in the spirit of Evil Dead II (1987) including a trapdoor, and the latest, a barn facade to block the neighbor’s house. I hope you’ll be as inspired by Ryan’s spirit of creation as I am.