Season 3

Beyond Your Imagination is a podcast that celebrates the kick-ass do-it-yourself spirit of independent film. I can’t think of anyone else who personifies this spirit more than this season’s guest, Kelley Baker, aka The Angry Filmmaker. On April 15th, 2024, we are kicking off the season in style with a conversation about how we watch movies, the stories that capture our souls, and how our favorite movies teach us about life, love, madness, and mischief—everything a modern-day filmmaker needs to speak up and stand out.

We will discuss obscure films that more people should see, double features that connect the movies in unique ways, and a healthy mix of documentaries and narratives. We’re even going to talk about Kelley’s films.

Since we’re doing our homework and watching the films before talking about them, the release schedule for this season will be biweekly. We want to make sure we’re not talking out of our ass (although that will happen anyway).

Kelley Baker aka The Angry Filmmaker Photo

About Kelley Baker

Kelley Baker, aka The Angry Filmmaker, is a filmmaker (obviously) and an author. I first learned about him from a student when I was teaching at a community college years ago: “You need to meet Kelley. Start by reading his books.” The student handed me Kelley’s book Road Dog, and I immediately recognized something in Kelley that I wanted to be around and learn from: a tenacity to tell independent stories in his own way, damn the consequences (and the man).

I’ve interviewed Kelley on Getting Work To Work twice: Interview with Kelley Baker (GWTW84) and “The Gospel of the Independents” with Kelley Baker (GWTW548). And if you scroll back to the first episode of this show, I talked with him and Beth Harrington (another amazing filmmaker) about how filmmaking changes as you get older.

You can learn more about what Kelley’s done over the years on his website and pick up copies of his books while you’re there.


"Cosmic Accidents and Other Inciting Incidents" with Kelley Baker

“Cosmic Accidents and Other Inciting Incidents” with Kelley Baker

Kelley and I are kicking off this season in style with a lively chat about his independent filmmaking and writing journey from film school, working in the sound department, and directing shorts and features in Portland, Oregon to writing books and short stories. We talk about why living life is so important for artists, what makes a memorable story, what he looks for and what turns him off in movies, why book-to-film adaptations often fail to measure up to his imagination, and why you should always help your friends out on their creative journey. Sprinkled throughout is his approach to both filmmaking and writing books: do whatever you need to do to tell your stories.

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"Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus" with Kelley Baker

“Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus” with Kelley Baker

How do you know you’re getting the real story when you go someplace new? If you’re a documentarian, how do you tap into the reality that stories are everywhere, as long as you have the key, the very object that provides access to the storytellers? In Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus, directed by Andrew Douglas, the South came alive with a 1970 Chevrolet Impala.

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