Season 1

“Unbridled Imagination” with Kyle Shold

When I think about people who love movies, my friend and today’s guest Kyle Shold instantly comes to mind. An illustrator by trade, who created the fantastic poster for this podcast, he uses his passion for film and storytelling tools—from cinematography to scores—to influence his work. In this conversation, we cover a lot of ground, from his first cinematic memory that sparked his imagination to the score that fuels his creativity. We also talk about how movies shift through time, the differences between physical and streaming media, and why quality and control are crucial elements in curating your film library.

About Kyle Shold

Kyle Shold

Freshwater Bay Creative is an independent illustration and graphic design studio located in Vancouver, Washington. Freshwater Bay is owned by Kyle Shold, a creative professional with over twenty years of experience working in everything from video games, magazine art direction, trade show graphics, comic books and craft beer labeling.

Show Notes


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